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Graduate Assistantship

NOTE: Graduate students and graduate students with assistantships are not required to have health insurance to attend Virginia Tech unless you are an International student or a Veterinary Medicine student.

If you are an International or Veterinary Medicine student and want to opt out of the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan, visit your corresponding pages to view the insurance requirements and waivers. 

Graduate Assistantship Option with Aetna

Full-time graduate students with an assistantship are eligible to enroll in our Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan. This plan consists of subsidy deductions out of your paycheck throughout your assistantship participation instead of directly paying the full premium amount in one installment. 

How to Enroll? 

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Payroll Deductions

Below are the payroll deduction amounts for the student and dependent coverage for the health insurance plan. These costs are based upon 18 payments over a 9 month period for Fall enrollees and 9 payments over a 5 month period for Spring enrollees. Actual amounts may be different based upon when the student enrolls. 

Fall Students Subsidy Deductions
Fall Students Subsidy Deductions
Spring Enrollee Subsidy Deductions
Spring Enrollee Subsidy Deductions
Direct Pay for Dependents
Fall Direct Pay for Dependents
Spring 2023 Subsidy Dependents Cost
Spring Direct Pay for Dependents

International Students Waiver Forms

NOTE: New Spring students can start submitting waivers on December 16th, 2022. All waivers must be submitted by January 31st, 2023.

Veterinary Medicine Students Waiver Form