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There are several components of international insurance, the most common of which is Virginia Tech's required travel accident insurance for all university-related international travel.

The university requires that all Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and documented representatives traveling for business purposes enroll in the university-approved Global Travel Insurance.  The approved Global Travel Insurance provider is Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI).  The CISI plan provides emergency medical coverage and evacuation, security evacuation, and repatriation services. This coverage is provided on a per person fee basis. The cost for CISI coverage is an allowable international travel expense for university travelers.

Plan documents, which include pricing, can be found on the Global Safety website. Contact the Global Education Office for questions related to this program

When enrolling in the mandatory CISI medical and security assistance insurance for travel abroad, choose the CISI sponsor code based on the reason for travel, as outlined below:

  1. If the trip or program abroad involves students or is for the purpose of exploring, preparing, executing, or evaluating learning or research opportunities for students: use “VTH-SE”
  2. All other Virginia Tech employee travel abroad: use “VTH-Other”.

Please Note – If you are traveling to more than one country during a single coverage period, enroll using your first destination. Once you have enrolled, create an account with CISI.

This link will also be in your confirmation email from CISI. After creating your account, update “My Itinerary” with your other destinations and the dates you will be in these locations. This information will be helpful to CISI and Virginia Tech Global Education Office in the event of an emergency.

Traveling with Dependents
Dependents traveling with you are also required to have CISI so that a coordinated response can be provided for all members of your party. Please complete the dependent form that corresponds with the Virginia Tech traveler’s policy, which can be found on the Global Safety website.  You will need to send the dependent form directly to CISI. Instructions are at the top of the form. The cost for dependent coverage is a non-reimbursable expense.


NOTE: If there is a current U.S. Department of State evacuation warning in place prior to travel, CISI will not pay for your evacuation.


Employees may be covered worldwide for Workers Compensation. Clarification regarding your Workers Compensation coverage while abroad should come from the Virginia Tech Department of Human Resources

All employees representing Virginia Tech in an official capacity are covered worldwide for general liability concerns through the Commonwealth’s self-insurance program. If an entity claims negligence on behalf of the university’s employees on business trips, insurance exists to defend and, if necessary, pay required settlement costs that arise.

When vehicles are rented overseas, the optional automobile insurance for liability and collision available from the rental company should be purchased and is a state-approved, reimbursable expense.  When vehicles are rented internationally(excluding Canada, Puerto Rico and the US. Virgin Islands), the optional automobile insurance for liability and collision available from the rental company is required.  Special care should be used to check for damage before rental and after return.  When rentals are used to go from one country to another the renter should ask the rental company if any additional documentation related to the insurance coverage is required to ensure coverage for all locations of use, i.e. voids of coverage related to border crossings.  Accidents involving rental vehicles being used for personal travel are not covered by the Commonwealth plan. If you use a rental vehicle for personal business, you should check with your personal auto coverage to ensure coverage exists under your personal policy.  Accidents with rental vehicles on official business of the university should be reported in accordance with the checklist printed in this section.  Please review rental vehicle section for additional information.