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Youth Protection

Virginia Tech welcomes tens of thousands of minors to campus each year. The University's goal is to ensure that these children have a positive experience on campus, and to keep them safe and healthy. Policy 4815: Minors on Campus or Participating in University-Related Programs governs these activities.

Please reach out to the Office of Youth Protection for additional information or resources; some are also provided below.

Be aware of the laws of the Commonwealth (Section As described in the law, any representative in a professional capacity involving the education or care of children who has reason to suspect that a minor is an abused or neglected child, shall report the matter immediately to the local Social Services Department of the county or city wherein the child resides or wherein the abuse or neglect is believed to have occurred or to the Department of Social Services Toll-free child abuse and neglect hotline 1-800-552-7096


If you receive an allegation or an accusation, you should react in the following manner:

  • Do not panic.
  • Do not criticize anyone involved and remain objective.
  • Respect the privacy of all those involved.
  • Separate those involved.

If the allegation or accusation develops into a suspicion (and involves a minor) that some incident has occurred, notify Social Services immediately. When in doubt call.

Here is a detailed guide provided by VT's Office of Youth Protection on how to recognize abuse and neglect. We know that reporting can be confusing--here's a Cheat Sheet for Reporting Requirements developed by the Office of Youth Protection to help.

Once the authorities are contacted, cooperate fully. However make no statements or turn over any information to anyone other than Social Services, the police, a supervisor, Virginia Tech Legal Counsel, University Relations or Risk Management. Confidentiality is to be maintained permanently. Nothing should be discussed with a spouse or a co-worker. Only those mentioned above should be involved.

Planning a successful program for youth requires a significant amount of planning. This Planning Worksheet from the Office of Youth Protection is a good place to start. Please consult with the Office of Youth Protection or the Office of Risk Management for further guidance.

Employees, volunteers, or other agents of Virginia Tech or VCE are required to take a training that covers all policy driven requirements for working with minors, including mandatory reporting. For employees, this can be found on PageUp. Contact the Office of Youth Protection for additional information, resources, or training.

Virginia Tech Environmental Health and Safety has published Guidelines on Minors in the Workplace.  Adherence to these guidelines will reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, and assure better control of risk exposures. It is recommended that all persons who work with minors adhere to these guidelines.

Virginia Tech strongly encourages departments who are running a camp or other organized activity for youth to purchase camp accident insurance. Information on this insurance program can be found on our Camp Accident Insurance site. A link to register for this insurance can also be found there, as well as on the right-hand toolbar.