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Veterinary Medicine Students

Veterinary Medicine students are required to have health insurance either through Virginia Tech's Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan or a comparable plan.

How to Enroll

Open enrollment is closed. Please contact the Student Medical Insurance Office for assistance.

Request a Waiver 

To request a waiver of the health insurance requirement, VMCVM students may submit the waiver form below. Beginning in Fall 2024, students who do not actively enroll in the Virginia Tech plan or receive a successful waiver will be enrolled in the plan at the end of open enrollment.

NOTE: Waiver requests can be submitted beginning July 1st!


The below requirements apply to all VMCVM and VTCSOM students.

Note: if a VMCVM or VTCSOM student is in F-1 or J-1 visa status, an international student waiver MUST be submitted.

Insurance Requirements

  1. The policy must have at least $500,000 each in coverage for medical, prescription, mental health, and substance abuse coverage benefits with no exclusion for club, intramural, or extramural sports.
  2. The policy annual deductible must be $2,500 or less.
  3. Medical expenses for pregnancy, childbirth and complications of pregnancy must be treated as any other illness under the policy, regardless of gender.
  4. The policy must cover pre-existing conditions for the entire policy term with no waiting period. 
  5. The policy must be valid from the student's first day of classes or mandatory program participation (varies by program) with coverage through July 31 the following year or, if graduating, the last day of the month of the student’s graduation. 


Note: Any student to whom an exception might apply MUST go through the waiver process and be granted an exception in writing from the Student Medical Insurance Office.

  1. The student, the student’s spouse, or the student’s parent has a US employer that provides a health insurance plan that covers the student that is Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant. 
  2. The student has a scholarship or is in a government sponsored program that provides a US health insurance plan for the student that is Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant. 
  3. The student is enrolled in Virginia’s Medicaid program.

You will receive an email with a copy of your waiver submission.  The Student Medical Insurance Office has up to 10 business days to review your waiver. 

If your waiver is accepted, you will receive an email from stating that your waiver has been approved.

If your waiver is rejected, you will receive an email from noting the requriement that has not been met.  If you need clarification on what this means, please contact our office.  If your waiver is rejected due to lack of documentation, please work with your insurance provider to find the missing documentation and submit a new insurance waiver.

If you feel that your waiver has been rejected in error, or if you believe there is a reason you should be exempt from the university requriement, you can complete a waiver appeal form and submit this to the Student Medical Insurance Office for further review. You may request a denied waiver appeal form from the Student Medical Insurance Office.


Bursar Billing

Beginning with the Fall 2024 semester, students enrolled with the Virginia Tech Student Medical Insurance Plan will be billed through the Bursar’s Office.

This change means that students can enroll in the plan with no money due at the time of enrollment. Instead, insurance charges will be posted to the overall student bill, creating a more unified billing experience for students. More detailed information can be found at this list of FAQs. For additional questions, please contact  

All VMCVM students are required to maintain health insurance to be enrolled at Virginia Tech. Beginning in the 24-25 academic year, VMCVM students will no longer have to pay for cost of the insurance plan at the time of enrollment if choosing to enroll in the plan. The cost of insurance will be added to their student bill, one charge in the fall, and one in the spring. If eligible, the student can opt into one of the payment plans offered by the Bursar’s Office, which allows for paying the overall student bill in installments.

For VMCVM students who choose to demonstrate proof of comparable coverage, the waiver process with the Student Medical Insurance office will remain unchanged. However, if a VMCVM student has not met the insurance requirement, either by purchasing the Virginia Tech plan or by demonstrating proof of comparable coverage by the end of open enrollment, they will be automatically enrolled in the Virginia Tech plan, and the cost of Virginia Tech plan added to their student account. Payment for dental insurance and cost for dependent coverage will be due at the time of enrollment directly to Aetna.

The Student Medical Insurance Office will no longer place academic holds for non-compliance with the insurance requirement, but the Bursar’s Office will follow their standard collections procedures for non-payment of student charges, including the insurance cost, which can include holds.